DrinkControl app : Alcohol tracker - track alcohol to drink less

The truth is people don’t understand the guidelines for moderate alcohol consumption.

DrinkControl tracks your alcohol intake in glasses, bottles or cans and converts them into standard units of alcohol. App lets you know when you go over the limit set by moderate drinking guidelines, and how much money you've spent and calories consumed with your drinks.

Make a change!


Track your consumed drinks quickly and easily

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Keep yourself within moderate alcohol use limits

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Get motivation to drink less and save money


Become more accountable to yourself


Understand how alcohol adds to calorie consumption


Track, understand and make a positive change

"I have been drinking since high school and tried to reduce for many years, but once I used this app it became clear that I could not "limit myself" to "just one drink."

I realized I had a problem and with the help of my loved ones I stopped. My mind has never been more clear than it is now and I am finally meeting my fitness goals.

I know just an app may not be enough, but seeing the numbers add up on this one was enough for me to decide to make a change. Thank you DrinkControl!"

Phil H. from the USA