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App Description

The truth is people don’t understand the guidelines that surround moderate alcohol use limits. DrinkControl is an mobile app for iPhone that allows handy tracking of the consumed alcoholic beverages as well as of the associated costs and calories from the alcohol. It also lets you compare your day-to-day drinking tendencies with the moderate drinking guidelines of the leading international health organizations.

According to the World Health Organization 6.13 litres of pure alcohol is consumed per average person aged 15 years or older. It is estimated that excessive alcohol consumption is the cause of around 88 thousand deaths in the United States annually. Binge drinking has strong personal financial consequences as well as consequences on accountability and safety.

On the other hand some recent studies demonstrate that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as has a positive impact on life expectancy.

Although the recommendations for moderate alcohol consumption are developed by the WHO and many national health organizations, few people are informed about and are actually observing these guidelines in their daily lives. Usually we drink beer, wine or spirits in a bar or buy it at the local grocery store in the available volumes instead of consuming "standard drinks" or grams of pure alcohol which form the basis of moderate drinking guidelines.

DrinkControl helps you become more self-accountable by providing you options for:
✔ Tracking alcohol consumed and the corresponding costs quickly and easily;
✔ Comparing alcohol use with the moderate drinking guidelines from health organizations;
✔ Having an overview and managing the consumed drinks in the calendar;
✔ Getting charts and statistics on alcohol consumption, related expenses and calories;

Tracking your alcohol consumption details can help you in observing and understanding patterns, and hopefully – assist in your efforts for change to improve your health.