DrinkControl app : Track your drinks, alcohol consumption and related expenses on iPhone

The truth is people don’t understand the guidelines for moderate alcohol consumption.

DrinkControl tracks your alcohol intake in glasses, bottles or cans and converts them into standard units of alcohol. App lets you know when you go over the limit set by moderate drinking guidelines, and how much money you've spent and calories consumed with your drinks.

Wait, there's an app for that?
Now that's a sobering thought!


Track your alcohol intake

Follow moderate drinking guidelines

Control your spending on alcohol

Browse and manage drinks in the calendar

Monitor alcohol calorie consumption

Statistics and charts of alcohol use

"I am so grateful to this app for teaching me how to drink in a healthy matter. It taught me what drinking moderately really means.

When I drink more that the recommended amount per day or week or month, they use gentle warning quotes and colors as a way to guide me. (Blue, I'm good; Purple, be careful; and Red, I'm over the limit!)

I always try to be honest and I could choose to ignore the quote and color change... however, I'm amazed at how I'm just naturally drinking less and really savoring it and celebrating with it.

I feel like drinking could be a weakness for me, and this app has made me stronger. Cheers!"

★★★★★ by Sipping San via the App Store